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"The legendary leader of outlaws has returned to bring justice to the greenwood. Thought long-dead after being executed by the state, the hooded hero wields a new sinister-looking longbow and brings death to those who oppress the downtrodden. The ancient legend lives on.

The Ranger is a sniper and master infiltrator. Equipped with a powerful longbow, the ranger can fire explosive arrows and use flashbangs to daze and confuse."

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Perk 1

Reticent Recon (Robin Rank 2):

Gain bonus XP for killing Objective Carriers. Capture points are claimed faster, but Extracting the Chest is slower.

Volatile Gourd (Robin Rank 5):

Increased Gear capacity and the inflicted effect is active for longer.

Focused Flight (Robin Rank 8):

Longshot kills with standard arrows fill the ability meter quicker based on range.

Perk 2

Scavenger (Robin Rank 3):

Performing assassinations on Guards and Players increases the amount of ammo gained.

Bodkin Point (Robin Rank 4):

Charged arrows have increased speed and range but will break upon impact.

Razor Gauntlets (Robin Rank 6):

Robin's melee attacks deal more damage based on how much ammo you are carrying. Ammo held is reduced if your melee attack hits or is blocked.

Tactical Quiver (Robin Rank 7):

Staring ammo and total capacity is increased but arrows will break upon impact.

Broadhead (Robin Rank 10):

Arrows will not break and have increased damage when charged. Weapon accuracy over short range is reduced. Quickfire shots deals less damage.

Perk 3

Forceful Fighter (Robin Rank 5):

Melee attacks are more effective and cost less stamina to perform, but starting ammo and total capacity is reduced.

Elemental Arrow (Robin Rank 9):

Ability arrow explodes after a shorter duration.

Mercurial Arrow (Robin Rank 10):

Ability arrow explodes on impact, but its range is reduced.


Name Cost Availablility Image
Oak Available by default
Cedar Hideout Rank 8
Willow Hideout Rank 9
Cotinus Hideout Rank 10
Ash Character Rank 9
Pine Character Rank 10
Elder Player Rank 85


Robin's most notable feature is his ominous looking hood. It drapes over his unseen face. His long robe sports a fur hood. He wears black gloves with leather bracers. Robin is never seen without his quiver and longbow.


  • Don't forget to shoot climbing ropes for yourself and teammates. Avoiding noisy guards, and access to more direct routes will give your team an advantage.
  • Get in the habit of tagging enemies at a distance. Tagging provides easy XP and can turn the tide of a battle.
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