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"Trained at a young age to become an Inquisitor, the Mystic’s blind obedience to religious scripture made him easily exploited by the State. It was only until his mentor was tortured, wrongfully accused by the people he served, when he decided to rebel against the government’s iron fist.

The mystic brings divination and trickery to the battlefield. His mystical powers can detect nearby enemies, while his poisonous smoke bombs can bring unfortunate foes to their knees."

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Perk 1[]

Unwavering Faith (Tooke Rank 2)[]

Gain additional XP for tagging or highlighting enemy targets and the passive ability recharge time is reduced.

Pastoral Aid (Tooke Rank 5)[]

No longer affected by the negative effects of your own Gas. Rapid winching the Chest is faster, but Capture Points are claimed at a slower rate.

Deep Rooted (Tooke Rank 6)[]

Ability discovers targets from farther away and lasts for longer.

Innate Insight (Tooke Rank 8)[]

The ability meter is fully filled upon match start and, whilst active, reveals enemy Players who are crouching.

Perk 2[]

Roaming Monk (Tooke Rank 3)[]

Increased movement speed whilst crouching and sprinting, which also affects team mates whilst remaining in proximity of them.

Enhanced Elixir (Tooke Rank 5)[]

Increased Gear capacity, Gas is active for longer duration.

Suffocating Balm (Tooke Rank 7)[]

Gas drains enemy stamina quicker.

Medicinal Potion (Tooke Rank 9)[]

Gas no longer drains stamina but heals team mates instead.

Perk 3[]

Sustained Growth (Tooke Rank 4)[]

Light and Sprint Attacks are more potent and deal additional damage but have an increased stamina cost.

Harrowed Scar (Tooke Rank 8)[]

Deal increased melee damage whilst health is full.

Vampiric Bludgeon (Tooke Rank 10)[]

A percentage of melee attack damage dealt to each individual enemy is absorbed and converted to health.