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"Rumored to be the heir of a powerful nobleman, the Hunter is carving a path of vengeance across the country with her crossbow and its mounted blade. Known never to make the same mistake twice, she has fashioned powerful weapons and tools improved upon every failure of her past.

With a burst-fire crossbow attached to her bracer, the Hunter is as elusive as she is mysterious. Her quick takedowns, invisibility magic, and smoke grenades make her a terror in close-quarters."


Perk 1[]

Efficient Assassin (Marianne Rank 2):

Gain increased XP for assassinations, they are quicker to perform and refill Ability meter faster.

Fortuitous Fatality (Marianne Rank 4):

Following an assassination, the next evade will cost no stamina and this effect will persist through death. Perfect evades also increase melee damage for a short duration.

Roving Rogue (Marianne Rank 5):

Crouched movement speed is increased. Retrieving ammo from the environment is easier and provides additional ammo.

Shadow Blanket (Marianne Rank 8):

Increased Gear capacity. Gear effects lasts longer.

Quarrel Container (Marianne Rank 10)::

Starting ammo and total capacity is increased (+3). Bolts are fired at a faster rate but will always break. Assassinations are performed slower.

Perk 2[]

Territorial Thief (Marianne Rank 3):

The Ability meter is fully filled upon match start. Capture Points are claimed faster but Extracting the Chest is slower.

Survivalist (Marianne Rank 6):

Overall health pool is increased. Evading has increased distance and invincibility length at the cost of higher stamina usage. Invincibility is now also active whilst sliding.

Veiled Menace (Marianne Rank 7):

Whilst crouching in a bush, deal increased ranged damage and the ability meter recharge is faster.

Phantom Stalker (Marianne Rank 9):

Whilst the Ability is active, Shroud visibility is reduced and crouch movement speed is increased.

Perk 3[]

Silent Slaughter (Marianne Rank 4):

Whilst the Ability is active, assassinations will replenish the Ability meter and prolong its duration.

Refined Frame (Marianne Rank 8):

Aim move speed is faster. Weapon accuracy, stability and damage is improved but recoil and recovery time between shots is increased.

Elusive Wish (Marianne Rank 9):

The overall duration of the Ability is increased and performing ranged or melee attacks will no longer cancel the Ability early.




  1. Don't spam dodge when you get in a one on one fight with a Tooke(mystic) or John(brawler). Wait for them to start an attack and dodge accordingly. After, fire one or two shots preferably at their head. Rinse and repeat this and you'll win against those two classes in close quarters more often.
  2. Marianne(Hunter) is very strong at taking enemies by surprise. While your team may push towards the nearest fortress entrance, try and memorize where the enemy team spawns and flank them. If you see more than one grouped together, follow behind them stealthily and wait for a straggler to split off. With the right perk combinations, she can be a menace to the enemy team by assassinating one opponent then activating her cloak and disappearing.
  3. For "Silent Slaughter" to prolong your stealth you need to start the execution before the timer reaches 50% or about 33% if you are using the "Effecient Assasin" perk


  • She appears to have pagan beliefs as suggested by the quotes "For the Forest." and "Back to Mother Earth.", whenever she kills someone.
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