Hood: Outlaws and Legends Wiki

"After his creation led to the deaths of his parents, the former blacksmith vowed to never again build a weapon of war. Instead, he uses his hammer to bring justice back to Middleton so that he can someday rescue his sister from the clutches of the State.

No man would dare face the mighty brawler in a close quarter combat. His sledgehammer is capable of downing some foes in a single blow, and when he activates his Wrath ability, he becomes nigh unstoppable."


John is a brawler. An excellent melee fighter, his strength allows him to lift portcullises and carry the chest faster.

His wrath ability grants him enhanced vitals and infinite stamina.


Category 1[]

Dying Retaliation[]

Heavy attacks are performed faster when Health is low. Parry inflicts a stronger hit reaction. You gain increased XP for killing enemy Players.

Unlocks at John rank 2


While your Ability is active you deal more damage to Guards and have increased damage resistance against State Guard attacks.

Unlocks at John Rank 4

Surging Smash[]

Sprint attacks deal increased damage in all scenarios but cost more stamina to perform when the Ability is not active

Unlocks at John rank 7

Charging Assault[]

Upon Ability activation, sprint speed is increased and the overall duration is longer

Unlocks at John rank 9

Category 2[]

Stable Tank[]

Increased overall health pool and whilst blocking, incoming attacks deplete less stamina.

Unlocks at John Level 3

Sticky Explosive[]

Gear can be thrown further and stick to surfaces.

Unlocks at John rank 8

Amplified Explosives[]

Increased Gear capacity and increased damage radius.

Unlocks at John rank 10

Cargo Carrier[]

Carry the Chest is faster but emits more noise. Additional gold is spilled when the Chest is dropped. Rapid winching the Chest is faster, but Capture Points are claimed at a slower rate.

Unlocks at John rank 10

Category 3[]

Enraged Infusion[]

Light attacks deal more damage, but assassinating Players or Guards fill the Ability meter slower.

Unlocks at John rank 4

Relentless Strength[]

Ability meter fills when an enemy projectile deals damage to you. Gain additional Ability meter when you parry an enemy projectile. No Ability meter is gained for blocking projectiles.

Unlocks at John rank 5

Rampaging Onslaught[]

More Ability meter is gained for killing and assassinating enemy Players than Guards. The ability meter resets upon death.

Unlocks at John rank 10.