Hood: Outlaws and Legends Wiki


The prosperous town of Fountaindale was taken over by the State many years ago and renamed Lionsdale. It has grown into a major stronghold of the State and is home to the Sheriff as well as many important Church and military leaders. As a result, it is constantly manned with dozens of soldiers and even has its own garrison which houses weapons as well as fighting men and women.

Of course, a military centre such as this requires much in the way of supplies and, as such, a large town has grown up to the north-east. This houses lower-class workers - carpenters, labourers, hunters, whores and everything in between with many of this inhabitants being criminals. This means there are regular patrols although they turn a blind eye to most of the residents' activities.

Although it dwindles with every passing week thanks to the State's constant demand for building material, there is still a forest to the east of Lionsdale, which will offer some hiding places for outlaws seeking to mount a raid on the stronghold. This forest is a well-known refuge for criminals though, and, as a result a massive bridge was constructed which passes right across the area, allowing visitors to reach the city without needing to walk along the ground.

The forest is, then a dark and forbidding place for the city-dwellers, apart from one large swathe in the middle distance. Furthest from the gloomy forest lies the inner ward of the city. Here is where the most important buildings are located. Obviously, this means it is the best defended area, which high walls and great iron portcullises and numerous guards patrolling, alert for invaders. There is a great square here in the city-centre, which is used for religious ceremonies and other State events, and this is the grandest section of all with massive, imposing structures and arches creating a sense of order and control.